Gestalt therapy in Sheffield with Margaret Rosemary
Gestalt therapy in Sheffield with Margaret Rosemary


If you decide to meet me, we will make a one-off initial appointment. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions and to satisfy yourself that you would feel able to talk about personal matters with me. You will be able to discuss whether I can help you or whether a different therapist or service would be more appropriate. You may want to interview more than one therapist and then choose who suits your needs best. You can make up your mind on the spot or go away and consider the matter first. I will then ask you to agree to six more appointments. This will give you and me a further chance to decide whether the therapy is likely to support you. You may choose brief or long-term therapy. The therapy is entirely confidential and will only be discussed by myself with my supervisors.



I am a UKCP registered Supervisor.

I have been supervising counsellors and therapists from various theoretical backgrounds in private practice and in organisations since 1991. I supervise counsellors and therapists in GP practices engaging in time-limited therapy.

I also have experience of supervising trainees on Institute, College and University courses.

I am one of the group of supervisors originally recruited by the Sheffield Youth Development Trust and Sheffield Education Committee to offer supervision to professionals giving advice to young people, within the QSS project.



I have many years of experience advising and supporting managers in voluntary and statutory organisations, which may have little or no connection with counselling or therapy. It can be helpful for managers to explore their managerial style and discover strategies for handling relationships at work.