Gestalt therapy in Sheffield with Margaret Rosemary
Gestalt therapy in Sheffield with Margaret Rosemary

Welcome to Gestalt in Sheffield.

A description of Gestalt therapy

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On this site you can find out where my premises are, what therapy and supervision services I offer, what Gestalt therapy is, the fees I charge and details of my Codes of Ethics and Professional Practice.


WHAT IS GESTALT? - a brief summary:


"Gestalt, a German word with no exact equivalent in English, is usually translated as form or shape. Gestalt Therapy takes an holistic approach to healing and personal growth. It is a form of experiential psychology that focuses on elements of the here and now. What we experience as we develop and how we adapt to that experience, come into the present as unresolved problems.


The purpose of Gestalt Therapy is to teach people to work through and complete unresolved problems. Clients learn to follow their own ongoing process and to fully experience, accept and appreciate their complete selves." Sergio Sinay 98.


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I am located at:

3 Strathtay Road


S11 7GU


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0114 266 0229 0114 266 0229


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